Discover A Simple Five Day Plan to Get Your Babe to Believe in Your Business and Support You Without Struggle

Gain Time and Space to Grow Your Business Dream

Who Is This For?

This is for any entrepreneurial woman who are making the leap from side hustle to full time or upscaling their business and struggling to get their spouse to support them

  • Frustrated You Are Not Taken Seriously

    You have been working away to launch your business and grow it to a new level, and your babe is treating your business like it's a nice hobby and can't replace your old income. You feel like he doesn't believe in you, and it's affecting how you feel about yourself.

  • You Feel Disconnected From Your Babe and Losing Confidence 

    Building your business takes confidence and focus. Having a partner who listens and supports you is essential and creates the emotional base for success.

  • You Are Not Given Time and Space to Grow Your Business

    You need time and space to develop business ideas and strategies, but your Babe is not stepping up to the plate, and the majority of domestic work is still yours to do!

My Story ...


I have been married to my husband Kevin for twenty years, and like many women creating a business, I didn't know what I was doing, felt alone ( before the days of social media) and turned to Kevin for support.
He didn't understand and worked a predictable 9-5 job. The money was an issue as well. He wanted a regular, predictable income from my business, and I felt guilty taking time and money away from the family. All in all, our relationship was put under a stress test, and we had to learn new relationship skills and create new roles.
 It has been some years now, and I put my relationship knowledge and skillset to use working with couples for years to improve their relationship and self-confidence. 
This all leads to creating this simple and straightforward five-day, self-directed ecourse to help you and your partner reconnect, develop new relationship skills, and understand yourself better.


Five days to clarity, confidence and connection 

  • #1 Time saving and effective course to help you improve relationship quickly

    I have a full-time mindset coaching business, two kids and a husband, cats and a Beagle Maisie. I know what it means to have felt like there's not enough time in the day, but this five-day micro-course will work in only 20 minutes a day—no more putting everyone else's needs before your own.

  •  #2 Learn effective communication skills

    I share valuable communication skills. Life changes, and we have to adapt and evolve to meet the new demands of our relationships as partners.

  • #3 Dig down on money blocks to create insight into behaviour change 

    Couples have different beliefs about money that affects emotions and actions. You will learn your money story so you can get your babe on the same money page!

  • # 4 Create understanding and connection with your babe

    This five-day course was designed to create communication and understand strategic communication for each person. I share tips and tools that will foster an understanding of what each person feels and thinks. I taught this approach for years to clients and used it with my husband for great success.

  • # 5 Get him to gain respect for what you do. 

    My husband jokes, happy wife, happy wife, but there's truth there. He understood what I do, and the respect grew as he learned and felt like a partner in my business.   

  •  # 6 Feel more confident to make decisions and actions in your business

    Women tend to look outside of themselves for validation and permission to be successful. Stop using your Babe as an excuse to stay small in your business and gain more insight into your mindset so you roar into action. 

  • #7 Make time and space to grow your business

    I firmly believe one of the most significant mindset blocks to business growth is the belief that you don't have enough time. Let this course help you become clearer on what to prioritize in your business

This course teaches skills acquired from 20 years of mindset work with clients, couples, being a wife and entrepreneur and learning what you need to do to get support from your spouse.

Women entrepreneurs have admitted that part of the reason they get stuck in their business is that they feel unsupported and lack confidence. I get it, you are excited and scared about your business, and you want someone who will listen and believe in you, not sabotage you. 
Well, let me share a few things with you, relationships are not black and white. You have to work on them as they change and develop. Couples often see things differently because they are not communicating correctly. They have different beliefs about money and risk that can create tension. Most of us hate conflict and will do anything to avoid it, including sucking up feelings and holding ourselves back. 


We are meant to be our whole selves and reach our full potential. Build Your Babe's Belief in Your Biz is designed to create clarity, focus, confidence and communication. If you have those, you will knock it out of the park and negotiate what you need from your Babe!




  • Connection and Understanding From Your Babe

  • Feel Support and Encouragement From Your Babe

  • Create Focus and Clarity To Take Action

So What Is The Investment?



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How It Works...

I’ve broken this program into 5 Days with manageable daily tasks...

  • Day #1 - How is your Babe blocking your business

    The power of intention is more powerful than anything. We explore what you intend for your business and how your Babe is blocking you from what you want. 

  • Day #2 - Big Goals

    It's time to give yourself permission and time to define what you want in your business.  

  • Day #3 - Communication

    Learn the communication strategies to understand and be understood by your Babe. 

  • Day #4 - Money Story

    Learn about your money blocks and how they may be getting in the way of growth in your business so you can shift and learn. 

  • Day #5 - Actions to Connection

    Get effective action to take with your Babe to improve connection and communication and gain a invaluable cheerleader!

Here’s what some of my recent clients have experienced by following this work​...

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I know you are probably thinking... 

“He's dug in and doesn't believe in me”​

 Yes, you're frustrated, but I can assure you your relationship will feel easier if you put my method into action.​.​

Build Your Babe's Belief in Your Biz is like nothing you’ve seen or experienced before.


It's the result of tried and true tools I learned in my couple's mindset work and marriage.
Stop trying to solve your relationship disconnection by yourself! You always do it on your own and need guidance to learn how to 'do' your relationship better in this new growth stage. 


This is a simple course that will help you to get your Babe to listen, understand and support you as you become a successful businesswoman.

If All This Did For You Was...

  • Finally helped you to feel successful deep down in your bones and confident. Would this be worth it?

  • Gave you more insight into yourself and your relationship.  Would this be worth it?

  • Gave you ALL the tools to connect to your spouse for ideal support...would this be worth it?

YES... Of Course It Would! It's only 20 mins a day and a desire for improvement.

I have worked with couples and no one wants to feel resentful.  Let me help you learn a new way to operate in your relationship. If your home life feels calm and supportive, you will be able put energy into your business instead of your relationship


Put simply -  a little bit of effort in, and you will reap huge benefits emotionally and financially!

Megan O'Neill

Take Action & Get Started Today!



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